From Mole Creek, either via Deloraine or you can wend your way along the base of the Great Western Tiers via Caveside, Western Creek and Meander, you can pick up Lake Highway for a sensational scenic drive which winds its way up the face of the Tiers to Tasmania’s central plateau.

Once you reach the plateau, which is about 1200 metres above sea level, you will enter the Central Plateau Conservation Area and, as you follow the highway, the landscape will open out before you to wide vistas over Australia’s largest natural freshwater lake – Great Lake – one of a series of huge natural lakes which dot the central plateau. Famed for its recreational fishing (as of course are Tasmania’s many other lakes and rivers), you will come across clusters of fishermen’s shacks along the way, but the area is otherwise largely uninhabited.

An alternative, more leisurely, route to Hobart

Lake Highway is, in fact, a shorter route between Deloraine and Hobart than the Midland Highway, but the section from the top of the Tiers almost to Moina is unsealed. If you prefer a more leisurely drive and the fact that the road is unsealed is not a problem to you, this is a really enjoyable alternative route.