For visitors travelling to and from Tasmania on the Spirit of Tasmania ferry, their holiday will begin, and end, at Devonport, just 50 minutes drive from here, so Mole Creek is a great first, or last, stopping point on their Tasmanian journey of discovery.

And there’s plenty to see and do in between, all within easy reach of your Mole Creek holiday base. Make it a round trip, taking the B12 west from Mole Creek and turning off onto Union Bridge Road (C137) immediately after crossing Sassafras Creek. This picturesque route will take you across the Don River and up and over the Gog Range, through Paradise and Sheffield to Devonport. Return via Bass Highway and enjoy some fabulous food treats along the way.

Sheffield (25 minutes)

Known as the Town of Murals, Sheffield has an ever-growing display of amazing outdoor art. Take a stroll around town and enjoy the painted scenery. Come for the annual Mural Fest, held in April, and watch the artists at work. Take the scenic route from Mole Creek across the Gog Range, via Paradise – the drive alone is worth it.

Latrobe (45 minutes)

Home to the Axeman’s Hall of Fame, House of Anvers Chocolate Factory and the Cherry Shed. Latrobe’s many antique shops are an added attraction, including Reliquaire (although antiques are just one small part of the extraordinary appeal of this shop – you have to see it for yourself!).

Elizabeth Town (20 minutes)

Don’t miss the opportunity to taste and purchase a wide variety of delicious fare at Ashgrove Farm Cheeses. Also home to the Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm and Café, and the Elizabeth Town Bakery/Café.

Close by, you will find the fascinating warm springs at Kimberley.

Port Sorell and Narawntapu National Park (50 minutes)

Port Sorell is a rapidly developing beachside area east of Devonport, looking across a wide river estuary to Narawntapu National Park. The park stretches from low coastal ranges to long Bass Strait beaches, encompassing inlets, small islands, headlands, wetlands, dunes and lagoons. Narawntapu is reputed to be one of the best places in Tasmania to view wildlife, with a rich array of native animals that come out each evening to graze on the grasslands.