Great Western Tiers winter sceneThe Tasmanian touring region known as the Great Western Tiers runs from Mole Creek in the west to Prospect, on the outskirts of Launceston, in the east.

The Great Western Tiers themselves are a dramatic feature dominating the landscape, comprising the northern escarpment of Tasmania’s central plateau.

Standing in the main street of Mole Creek, looking south, you have a wonderful view of the Tiers from Mother Cummings Peak in the east to Western Bluff in the west. In front of you, just below the top of the Great Western Tiers and to the right of a triangular area of scree, you will see the bright sandstone rock accessed via the Parsons Track walk trail.

In the shadows of the Great Western Tiers are a number of small towns and villages, of which Deloraine is the largest. The foothills and slopes of the Tiers feature much visited landmarks such as Liffey Falls, Meander Forest Reserve and Falls, and Devil’s Gullet, as well as many lesser known natural wonders.

Take a picnic and follow Lakes Highway from Deloraine up to the top of the Great Western Tiers and onto the central plateau World Heritage Area, where you will find the Great Lakes – famed as a fisherman’s heaven.

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For more information about the Great Western Tiers – and some wonderful images – visit Friends of the Great Western Tiers.