Natural wonders of Mole Creek Tasmania

Mole Creek Tasmania lies in a valley between the Great Western Tiers and the Gog Range, a landscape of spectacular mountains, forests, waterfalls – and, of course, caves.

Don’t miss nature’s wonders in and around Mole Creek Tasmania, including –

Enjoy natural wonders including the celebrated Mole Creek Caves, a Mole Creek attraction for over 100 years, world-class national parks including the Walls of Jerusalem, easy walk trails to spectacular lookouts at Alum Cliffs-Tulampanga, Devils Gullet and Westmorland Falls, and bush walks along tracks forged by hunters, trappers and loggers up the face of the Great Western Tiers and beyond.

Get up close and personal with our native wildlife, including Tasmanian Devils, at Trowunna Wildlife Park, enjoy the peaceful and unique Wychwood Gardens against the backdrop of the wild Gog Range, sample nature’s bounty in the form of 50 different honey products at Melita Honey Farm – and much, much more.