Miracle on the Mountain – the crash site

“I’m dead …”, thought Kelvin Howe, as the helicopter plummeted towards the ground and slammed into the barren Central Plateau.

But he didn’t die. Nor did the other three passengers.

How they all survived their horrific injuries for nine hours on that freezing Tasmanian mountain top is a tale of heroism, courage, tenacity, comradeship and love of the mountains.

Kelvin Howe and the late Dave Kelly of Caveside, Meander Valley Councillor Pat Frost, and pilot Dave Sewell were involved in a mountain huts restoration project when the helicopter crashed near Lake Mackenzie on May 28, 2002.

To this day there are unanswered questions about the incident.

A true search and rescue story in the Tasmanian Highlands

Now you can read the story, as Margaret Howe relives the rollercoaster of pain and joy that followed the crash; the rescue, the long agonising recovery for the victims, and the scars that remain, in her new book Miracle on the Mountain.