Mole Creek main streetThe Mole Creek of today is a pretty little town with an economy mainly revolving around forestry and timber, agriculture and tourism. The town takes its name from the habit of the local creek of disappearing underground and reappearing after travelling some distance underground.

A town of only about 250 residents, Mole Creek nonetheless boasts excellent infrastructure and community facilities. Young families have the benefit of their own local school, Mole Creek Football Club calls the picturesque recreation grounds home, there is a community hall, swimming pool, church, post office, supermarket, service station and motor repair workshop, a honey factory employing a number of local people, and an engineering works servicing the nearby limestone quarry as well as local farmers and others.

Mole Creek Hotel dates back to the early 1900s, although, curiously, it was not used for that purpose until 1953. Today, with its Tassie Tiger Bar celebrating the strong local connection with the thylacine, the hotel forms a hub for the local community to celebrate everything from rock concerts to wakes.

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