Rinadeena Falls near Mole CreekRinadeena Falls track offers a 4 hour return walk with lots of photographic opportunities and spectacular forests.

The track is easy walking, following old logging roads up the valley through stands of young myrtle and across the swiftly flowing Little Fisher River at two crossings via bridges that have obviously seen better days.

The carpark which once serviced this track is no longer accessible by car as the first bridge crossing of the river is now closed to traffic as it has fallen into disrepair. This is where you now have to leave your car and commence your walk.

After crossing the river, take the first turning right, then first right again at the Walls of Jerusalem National Park sign. This old logging road takes you to the now disused carpark and the start of the original walking track. This part of the walk takes about one hour.

From that point, after about 20 minutes walking, the track leaves the old roads and begins to climb gently up the valley, following the course of the river. Much of the walk is beneath stands of ancient myrtle, whose fallen leaves and fine twigs have built up on the forest floor to create a springy subsurface. After only an hour of walking, the reward is the spectacular cascade of Rinadeena Falls, whose waters mist the valley floor as they tumble through the forests. Picnic here and then make your way back along the same track to your starting point.

This is a great winter walk, when there is a good chance of finding the Rinadeena Falls half frozen, but you need to be aware that road conditions at that time of year may be hazardous.

How to get to Rinadeena Falls

To access the Rinadeena Falls walk track you need to drive approx 1 hour and 15 minutes from the township of Mole Creek, taking the B12 past King Solomons Cave.  After the Cave junction, bear left on the Mersey Forest Road (C171) and continue on until you have passed Lake Parangana and crossed the river in front of the Lake Rowallan dam. Continue down the eastern shore till you come to a turning on the left to Dublin Plains. Take this turn and follow the road to the junction with the Little Fisher Road. Turn right and follow this road, bearing right at each intersection.When you reach the closed Little Fisher River road bridge (about 10 km from the turnoff on Mersey Forest Road), park your car and commence your walk.

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