The Lobster Falls walk track offers a 2 hour return walk through forest to Lobster Falls lower cascade.

Lobster FallsThe first part of the track passes through regrowth forest and a fine grove of Banksias, until narrowing down to a ledge along the cliffs high above the river and finally dropping down steeply to a wide pool at the foot of the lower cascade. This narrow track part of the track is undeveloped and there are loose rocks and stones under foot which require the exercise of some caution. If children are taken on this walk, they should be closely supervised.

Along the way you will be able to find two side tracks. The first, a steep path of large, loose rocks, will take you to the upper cascade. A little further on there is another to a ledge overlooking the lower falls, where you can also look upstream to the upper cascade.

How to get to Lobster Falls walk track

The start of this walk is located on road B12 nearing the top of the rise which follows the long, straight section of road east of Chudleigh. There is a small, roadside parking area and the only sign says ‘No cars past this point’. Approx 10 minutes’ drive from Mole Creek.