Chasm Falls - a Mole Creek feature walkThe Chasm Falls walk combines a gentle climb on easy road surface to real bush walking conditions as it follows the Smoko Creek through a series of steep, forested slopes and visits several spectacular cascades.

Myrtle, King Billy Pine and Sassafras dominate the temperate rainforest of this region and, as you move off road and into the bush proper, you leave behind the forestry practices of the past that have regenerated as scrubby eucalypt and meet the Tasmania of Gondwana times.

With several wash-outs on the old logging road, you will start the Chasm Falls walk several kilometres from the actual track head. This is a good opportunity to stretch the muscles ready for the uneven terrain to come. The first major obstacle is a deep wash-away where a significant bridge has been washed away. Care needs to be taken here on the steep banks and slippery rocks of the creek bed.

Chasm Falls trail head itself is well signposted and the track quickly narrows to a twisting path under the filtered light of the myrtle forest. Track markers at regular intervals ensure the path is easily followed, but care is needed or you can easily stray. The Chasm itself is only 35 minutes or so from the trail head and offers some spectacular photo opportunities, so allow time for sightseeing and photography along the way. The actual slot that forms the chasm, as water cuts through the sandstone, is viewed from a log bridge as you cross to the southern side of the creek.

Another 40 minutes or so takes you to the top falls, passing beneath tall sandstone overhangs and young King William Pines. Verdant mosses and ancient lichens adorn both rocks and trees, providing a varicolour of green hues against the crystal clear water. When you turn and retrace your steps at the upper falls, and not far from there, is a track junction that invites the well-prepared walker upwards to Mt Ironstone or cross-country to the quaintly-named ‘Dell’.

How to get to Chasm Falls

Access to Chasm Falls track from Mole Creek is via Western Creek to Meander, then follow the signs to Meander Forest Reserve until you come to the wash-away. Approx 20 minutes’ drive from Mole Creek.