If you have only allowed yourself a stopover in Mole Creek, our 1 day itinerary takes in the major attractions in the immediate vicinity. But one day is simply not enough! Pick and choose, mix and match – the sample itineraries we have prepared are just some of many ways to while away some quality time in Mole Creek.

  1 day in Mole Creek

  • Head to Marakoopa or King Solomon’s Cave for a 3/4 hour tour of our pristine caves, presented by one of the passionate Parks & Wildlife Cave Rangers
  • Call in at the picturesque Marakoopa Garden Café for great coffee and home-made treats
  • Drive another 20 minutes to Devil’s Gullet lookout and the flume at Lake MacKenzie
  • Head back to Mole Creek for a light lunch at the Pepperberry Café or Café Bozzey
  • Visit Trowunna Wildlife Park (centre for research on the Tasmanian Devil), where admission includes guided tours featuring the feeding of Devils and other animals
  • Follow this with a late afternoon walk to the Alum Cliffs lookout and enjoy the wonderful pastoral and natural scenic views of the area
  • In summer you can enjoy a swim at the local pool before settling in at your accommodation
  • Then a pleasant drink at the Mole Creek Hotel’s Tiger Bar followed by dinner in the hotel dining room

  Central Plateau circuit drive

  • Set off from Mole Creek along Caveside Road and enjoy a drive along the foothills of the Great Western Tiers, through the villages of Caveside and Western Creek – joining the Lakes Highway just south of Deloraine
  • Make your way through Golden Valley, starting your ascent up to the Central Plateau and turn left at the sign to Liffey Falls, where you may like to enjoy a picnic morning tea and a one and a half hour return walk through the Tasmanian Myrtle and Man Fern forest alongside the Liffey Fall cascades
  • Continue your drive up to the Central Plateau and, on a clear day, enjoy wonderful views across the appropriately named Golden Valley
  • At the start of the Central Plateau, you will discover the largest of Tasmania’s Hydro Electric dams – the Great Lake – set in the stark and beautiful mountain heath that characterizes the plant life of the Central Highlands
  • The unsealed road on the western side of Great Lake takes you to Miena junction, where you may continue your exploration of the area by taking a right turn towards Bronte Park and Derwent Bridge, where a not to be missed highlight is the wonderful Huon Pine carvings of ‘The Wall’; the entrance to the Lake St Clair National Park is 10 minutes from here and light lunches and refreshments are served at the Park café
  • Return to Miena and continue the circuit around Great Lake, making your descent from the Plateau via Poatina, then on to trout-themed Cressy, then Longford where afternoon tea awaits at the famous historic Woolmers Estate (top right), which also boasts the wonderful National Rose Garden (best viewed late November through March)
  • Return to Mole Creek via the old Bass Highway and enjoy the villages of Carrick – home to the Aladdin’s Cave-like Tasmanian Copper and Metal Art Gallery, Westbury and Deloraine basking in the magical late afternoon light adorning the island

North West big day out : Sheffield – Leven Canyon – Gunns Plains – Penguin – Devonport – Mole Creek

  • About 4 km west of Mole Creek, take the right fork past the Mole Creek Caravan Park and admire the views of the Gog Range ahead
  • Cross the Mersey River and commence your ascent through the Gog State Forest and enjoy the winding drive through a mix of native forest and plantation through to Paradise, which will afford you spectacular views of magnificent Mount Roland
  • When you reach the Cradle Mountain Road junction, turn right towards Sheffield, the Town of Murals; a walk around the town will give you the flavour of the wonderful energy invested in this country town and you will find a good choice of coffee options among the many cafés
  • Continue through Sheffield towards Devonport and, at the signpost to Paloona Dam, turn left; the drive through Wilmot, Upper Castra and Nietta is scenic and interesting and lunch at the Kaydale Gardens is a must; meet one of the area’s great families, enjoy a generous home-cooked country lunch, check out their stunning garden and enjoy a walk down Leven Canyon before leaving the area
  • Return now to Nietta and take the left turn to Gunns Plains, where one of Tasmania’s most beautiful valleys opens up before you; continue through the valley and, if you still have time, take the left turn to Penguin and enjoy the coastal gardens and railway line along Tasmania’s picturesque northern coastline
  • Return to Mole Creek along Bass Highway via Devonport – approximately one and a half hours
  • If you still have time, stop in at Anvers Chocolates in Latrobe for a delicious energy booster on your way back to Mole Creek

The Gourmet Trail

  • First stop is The Honey Farm in neighbouring Chudleigh, where you will find honey, honey bee products like propolis and royal jelly, and a large selection of lovely gift items and books, as well displays including a showcase of old beekeeping implements, an interactive beehive and a live bee exhibition hive
  • Continue on towards Deloraine, then detour south along Montana Road and check out Three Willows Vineyard, Tasmanian Pure Smallgoods and 41 Degrees South Salmon and Ginseng Farm; sample their delicious products and pick up some supplies for later
  • Return to Mole Creek Road and turn left then right into Bengeo Road (C163) which winds through pretty countryside and meets up with Bass Highway at Elizabeth Town; turn right onto the highway, then left to visit the Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm Café (pictured right) for morning tea or lunch and buy fresh raspberries (in season) and raspberry products
  • Take Bass Highway north and a few kilometres along on your left you will find Ashgrove Farm Cheeses, where you can sample the wide range of cheeses produced on the property, as well as other local Tasmanian delicacies
  • Continue north, stopping at the Cherry Shed at Latrobe for some delicious cherries in season
  • Next stop is the House of Anvers Chocolate Factory, home to delicious hand-made chocolates, truffles and fudge; here you can sample some of the sweet treats before deciding what to buy; there’s afternoon tea available in the café and a fabulous array of cakes
  • Then enjoy a leisurely drive back to Mole Creek for a relaxed evening meal, or picnic on the wonderful local delicacies you have picked up along the way