One of the beautiful things about Mole Creek is the fact that the landscape stays green pretty well year round, which mean rainy days sometimes in summer as well as the other seasons.

Here are a few suggestions to help you stay out of the rain, if you would rather, if the weather should happen to be inclement during your stay in Mole Creek.

Rainy day activities around Mole Creek

  • Mole Creek Caves – winter or summer, wet or dry, the climate inside the caves never varies. There are three different cave tours – two at Marakoopa Cave and one at King Solomons Cave – so it’s easy to fill in a wet day with an underground adventure.
  • Just a short drive will take you to Chudleigh where you can view exhibits, an interactive beehive and lots more, as well as tasting a huge range of different honeys and honey products, at Melita Honey Farm.
  • Take a short, picturesque drive into Deloraine (you can go via Caveside, Western Creek and Meander and come back on the main road) and spend some time at the Deloraine Folk Museum and YARNS Artwork in Silk at the Great Western Tiers Visitor Centre. Enjoy coffee or lunch at one of the many caf├ęs along the main street and check out the art and craft shops.
  • 10 minutes further on from Deloraine is Westbury, where you can stay out of the rain and enjoy Pearns Steam World.
  • Enjoyable any time, but especially so on a gloomy day, the tasting opportunities on the local gourmet trail offer enough good food experiences for two days!
  • Take a leisurely drive through the countryside to Latrobe where you will be able to while away an interesting hour or two at the amazing Reliquaire, as well as the Axeman’s Hall of Fame and browsing through lots of antique shops.