Geocaching Mole Creek – enjoy the world game of treasure hunting using a hand held GPS or a GPS enabled smartphone. To find out more about Geocaching, its origins, scope and possibilities visit

If you are a geocaching enthusiast – or would like to join the rapidly growing number of people trying their hand at this activity – Mole Creek offers you an opportunity to discover our beautiful countryside and attractions through geocaching.

To participate, all you need is a GPS device (many smartphones have these if you do not have a dedicated hand held GPS) and to be a member of, where information about our caches may be found. Membership is free, just visit to sign up.

Though there are many geocaches in this area, we have selected seven to form the nucleus of our Mole Creek Geocache Challenge. These are arranged in two levels of difficulty, so you can be casual or slightly more intense in your efforts. Each has the usual stuff that you expect to find in a cache, log book, pencil, etc, but it will also contain a unique question or puzzle for you to answer. Collecting the answers to the puzzles can be as rewarding as finding the caches themselves.

Level 1 : Easy

These caches require only a little effort and can be found in around 15 minutes. They are located at or near some of the most commonly visited attractions around Mole Creek and Chudleigh. Learn something of the history of the area, discover the secrets beneath the surface or find out where to see a platypus. There are 4 caches at this level and you could easily collect all in one day.

The Magic Cave GCNNHQ
State of the Union GC34JAB
Gravitas GC3DFB3
Karst Adrift GC3D477

Levels 2 : Moderate

There are 3 caches in this group. Each one requires a little bit of effort but reveals another dimension of the Mole Creek and Chudleigh district. For these you will have between 30 mins to 90 minutes walk.

Zoidberg Has Fallen GCMJ4B
Red Ochre Hill GCR8N8
Prodding Cattle Falls GCVP8X